Mihai Listov | Software Engineer

Hi, I’m Mihai [me-high] 👋

Tinkerer 👨‍💻, wilderness lover 🦥, and fan of all things 2 wheels 🛵.

I’m a Romanian-Canadian working at Plastiq as a Software Engineer, however am actively seeking new opportunities. I studied Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

I have a passion for building exceptional products that deliver maximum business value to customers and communities with minimal engineering overhead. Early in my career I had the exciting opportunity of working at Commit as an Engineering Partner on projects such as Polkadot, LO3 Energy, and Planworth, where I gained experience with Web 3.0 technologies, building fast & responsive SPA applications using React, GraphQL, Go, and Docker.

At Plastiq, I found it extremely rewarding working on customer-facing features that led to as much as 10% monthly growth in overall payment volume. I’ve had the pleasure of leading development on a React app of a key internal tool for risk and financial operations improving workflow efficiency. I also delivered impactful end-to-end features such as guest checkout, biller features, third-party APIs meeting OpenAPI 3.0 requirements using Swagger, as well as standardizing React Components throughout the Plastiq eco-system. During my time I sharpened my skills in React, Node.js, Express.js, Typescript, Swagger, AWS services and more.

As a freelance developer I’ve had first-hand experience working directly with small business owners helping meet their needs fast & efficiently.

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